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School me Oppo hive mind on Buick Roadmasters

Update: so the one I looked at had the b pillar rust spots, not too bad mind you, but there was a bit of surface rust underneath. But for a Michigan car, it was in great shape. Definitely makes me want to keep looking, but I’ll look for a southern car now. But first need to unload my S8.

Man, looking under the hood it was excellent, so much room for activities. Definitely going to expand my search now. Thanks to all the input, I wouldn’t have given the rust at the b-pillar any attention had in it been on the lookout. And truly if I was really in need of a car for the time being, I’d still snap it up, but there are better examples out there, they just will cost a bit more.


You guys are great! I appreciate all the info. Now just need to go see it in person.

I’ve got a line on a ‘93 Roadmaster with less than 100k miles. Photos look great but I haven’t laid eyes on it yet.


Anything I should pay special attention to while checking it out?

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